In a tiny castle of glass set amidst trees,

There's no substitute for working with a professional baby photographer. Finding a true expert is a choice you will never regret.

25 years of experience proves we know how to make this season of your life truly memorable.

We make history.

The first months with your baby fly by like a video on warp speed. To fix this time solidly in your memory, you're going to need help.

Hi. We're Tim & Cherie Flanagan, owners of Babyfaces Photography in the Artist's Village of Salado. With almost 3,500 baby portrait appointments to our credit, we are among Texas’ top baby photo specialists.

Let's get started on your baby's history.

In just a couple of minutes, you can secure a spot on our wait list.

At Babyfaces, we relate to your baby from fragile newborn to toddling first birthday.

You can relax... We'll record forever your baby's nuances during this time that knows only love . . . in a place that knows only babies.

You can almost feel the warm light reaching out.

Capture your baby's entire first year!

We have a simple mission: Creative professional portrait sessions as often as once a month up to your baby's first birthday for an affordable rate. Your favorite image from each session is included free.

Simply complete our online form to get started. When you sign up, we'll send you our extensive Q&A guide full of information and helpful hints.

You got expressions of him that I see everyday but can't manage to get myself.



What a beautiful memory of this time in my baby's life ~ absolutely priceless.



This time will pass all too soon.

Click here to plan your baby's photos and make time stand still for a while.

These are the days you want to hold forever!

By her first birthday, your newborn will begin to show the character and personality that makes them unique.

At each baby step, we will catch the look that melted your heart that month. That's why new parents from all over Texas come see us.


Our guarantee is as simple as our process. If you don't absolutely love the images we create of your baby after your session is complete, we will refund your money immediately.

I appreciate the photographs of Libby a ton ~ they are fantastic. I also value the relationship I've formed with you all. My child is a real person to you.



I am so proud of Kayla's photos. I feel that my love for her is made visible.



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